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Our Story


André Pollender, experienced entrepreneur and president of the Commanderie de l'érable, David Pollender, master builder of large-scale projects, and John Baldwin, manager of high-end restaurants, combine their skills and start the Vignoble du PicBois project . A first experimental plantation of 1200 vines is attempted and crowned with success.


The Vignoble du PicBois is officially incorporated in March 2021. The adventure continues with the planting of 11,000 vines.


The Vignoble du PicBois continues its expansion with the planting of 5,500 additional vines, bringing the total to more than 17,000 vines. The harvest is done for the first time during this year.


The dedication and hard work of the entire vineyard team will allow its customers to taste their wines from March 2023. A white wine, a rosé wine, as well as a red wine will be offered to you.

What sets us apart

The Vignoble du PicBois was created with the desire to differentiate itself from what is already done in Quebec while adopting sustainable agriculture. This is how the idea of ​​cultivating rarer grape varieties in Quebec appeared. The vineyard has in its fields different varieties of grape varieties such as Vidal, Seyval Blanc, Pinot Gris, as well as Syrah. The latter is also a pride for the vineyard, being more fragile to frost (dies below -18 degrees). It therefore requires special care, such as double winter protection in particular.


Nothing is beyond the test of our team. During a night of frost in the beginnings of the vineyard, the whole team mobilized to make dozens of fires to warm our vines. It was a little later that a large wind tower was erected to warm the fruiting buds in the spring and the leaves in the fall.

Our Team

Rachel Pollender -:- David Pollender -:- Sandra Lacasse -:- Danielle Cardin -:- André Pollender -:- Marc Grau -:- John Baldwin -:- Joshua Baldwin -:- Jennifer Poirier -:- Jack Baldwin